Mirrorbase Polyester basecoat Technical Information

Mirrorbase basecoat a is a quick drying basecoat for car and commercial vehicles.

Mirrorbase has been design to make the application of Metallic s and Pearlcoat colours a simple process , due to the ease of application ,  this basecoat & clearcoat system stops the problems associated with application of basecoat ,mottling of Metallic s , long drying times and Flotation when lacquer is applied over basecoat are all things of the past.
Mirrorbase basecoat & clearcoat should be used as part of a refinishing systems and should be overcoated with a Mirrorclear clearcoat product before protection is achieved.


Polyester basecoat

General properties

Quick drying basecoat available in solid, metallic & pearl


103.010 – Mirrorbase ready solid and metallic mixed colours
103.011 – Mirrorbase Pearlcoat ready mixed colours.
107.004 – Mirrorclear – Clear coating
107.005 – Mirrorclear matt/satin


107.003 – every thinner fast

All original finishes cleaned and sanded (not recommended on thermoplastic acrylic finishes).
Mirror hi-Fil 2k primer.
Mirror Washfiller etch.
Tempo filler shades

Surface preparation

Panel repairs and overalls

Mirrorbase basecoat apply three coats allow to dry between coats then allow 15-20 minutes flash after the application of the last coat before applying clearcoat.

The entire panel or blending in areas have to be carefully prepared as follows (before basecoat application):

– Clean with water and soap
– Degreaser with mirror quick wipe degreaser.
– Dry sand with p500 disc finish with grey finishing pad.
– Or Wet flat with p1000 wetordry.
– Wipe dry with clean and dry cloth.
– Tack off or Use Attract rag.

Product preparation

Use 1 – 1 ratio mixing stick.

Mix ratio

1 part Mirrorbase
1 part every thinner fast/slow.

Up to 10% MS hardener must be added to solid colour basecoat when clearcoat is not going to be applied within 1 hour of basecoat application


– Spray viscosity (at 20 °c) Din4 15s.
– Potlife (at 20 °c) 24 hrs
– Gravity feed fluid tip 1.2 – 1.4mm
– Suction fluid tip 1.0 – 1.2mm
– Pressure type fluid tip 1.0 – 1.2mm
(Pressure 4 – 6 bar – 50 – 80 psi)
– Spray pressure (bar): 3.5 – 4 (45-50 psi)
– Spray distance (cm): 15-20 cm
Drying times

10/5 minutes between coats.

Recoatable with clear

30 mins after last coat application.


After hard dry times of crystal clear MS.

Chemical resistance

After application of crystal clear.

Fully cured mirror crystal clear 2k is resistant to short exposures to the following chemicals:

Sodium hydroxide 20% battery acid 15%
Sulphuric acid 25% toluene 20%
Hydrochloric acid 20% xylene 20%
Phosphoric acid 20% glycol 20%
Ammonia 10% brake fluid 25%
Petrol 20%

Equipment cleaning

Use mirror low cost thinner immediately after use.

Material safety data sheet


When spot repairing with the Mirrorbase basecoat & clearcoat, the entire panel must be clear coated.

. Note that the surface should be carefully and correctly prepared, before the Mirrorbase basecoat application.

Protect exteriors or prepare and sand exteriors prior to applying the interiors to prevent relifting of the overspray when applying the exterior finish.

Product data

Theoretical coverage

6 – 8 m2 per ltr per coat at recommended dry film thickness, unactivated
Mirrorbase metallic 15-25 microns
Mirrorbase solid 35-45 microns


Mirrorbase .5l to 5l
Mirror crystal clear MS. 1 – 51
Mirrorcryl MS hardener. 1/2 -1l— 51
Every thinner 1l -5l
Storage stability

Closed original containers stored at normal room temperature
Mirrorbase 2 years