Aerosol Quick Slick Silicone Lubricant 500 ml


Aerosol Quick Slick Silicone Lubricant 500 ml
Non toxic colourless silicone spray providing a light lubricating film with wide temperature stability.plastic lubrication .
Effective clean lubricant Ideal for slides, bearings and conveyors
Resists oxidation and corros

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Aerosol Quick Slick Silicone Lubricant

Aerosol Quick Slick Silicone Lubricant is a release agent for moulds Highly effective as a polish Effective up to 180°C Suitable for indirect contact with foodstuffs.
Silicone Spray is excellent for use on metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber and wood, etc.
Widely used as a release agent for moulds.
Lubricates slides, bearings, conveyors, textile equipment and food machinery, etc. Effective at temperatures up to 180°C.
Also highly effective as a surface polish and is suitable for applications that have indirect contact with foodstuff.
Solvent-based, dry silicone. Dries fast and leaves no oily film. Long-lasting and not affected by water and oil. Colourless, stainless, and waxless so it is safe on all surfaces including metal, glass, rubber, plastic, fabrics, and painted finishes.

  • Lubricates plastics and food equipment
  • Release agent for moulds
  • Retards corrosion on battery terminals
  • Waterproofs ignition systems and spark plugs
  • Prevents sticking and jamming of all moving parts
  • Perfect for snow ploughs and shovels to aid in snow removal
  • Perfect for car doors, locks, trunk mouldings, tools, guns, skates, sliding windows, and doors


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