Mirrorcryl 2K Acrylic 2-1 Jet Black

Mirrorcryl 2K Acrylic 2-1 Jet Black ready mixed colour spray paint





Mirrorcryl 2k Acrylic 2-1 Jet Black Ready Mixed

Mirrorcryl Acrylic 2-1 Jet Black Ready Mixed

Automotive transport ,truck, commercial and Locomotive spray paint.

A tough two pack high-performance acrylic enamel for automotive, commercial vehicle and equipment. New work and refinishing for universal application.
Exceptional colour matching and UV resistance is a key feature of this durable hi gloss product .
The high standard to be met by commercial and original equipment finishes are reflected in the chemical resistance and abrasion resistance of Mirrorcryl. Slow thinner may be needed to refinish larger vehicles to aid longer wet edge time.

Mixing Instructions

Mirrorcryl mixed colour 100 parts
Mirrorcryl MS Hardener 50 parts
Every thinner fast 50 parts
Every thinner slow 50 parts

Application Substrates
Mirrorcryl ready mixed colours can be applied over sanded original finishes except for thermoplastic acrylic. – Sanded fibreglass surfaces. – Washfiller etch – Hi-Fil 2k Primer – Anti-corrosive primer – Zp Primer Shades – Tempo Filler Shades

Surface preparation
Degreaser with Quickwipe degreaser then Dry sand with p320-p400 grade paper. Wet sand with P800 or P1000 grade paper. Application Mixing Instructions Mixing ratio is 100 parts base: 50 parts activator by volume, 10 -20% thinner of total volume. The mixed material is then ready for application normal pot life up to 4 hours AT 20°c apply 2 full coats 20 minutes between each coat.

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