Mirrorcryl 2K Acrylic Spray Paint Mixed Colour Service

Order any colour mixed to your order using our Mirrorcryl 2K Acrylic Spray Paint Mixed Colour Service


  • Pick from the list of manufacturers
  • Input your manufacturer
  • Input the name of your colour
  • Input the Colour Code
  • Price: £ 23.50 Quantity:
    The cost for a colour match by computer with code creation and name for reordering if required.
  • Please entery any special requirements or comments


We offer a universal mixed colour service for Mirrorcryl 2k Acrylic so you can now order for any solid colour you want.
Mirrorcryl 2K Acrylic Spray Paint Mixed Colour Service used for Solid colours only (i.e. Red Blue Green etc.,) metallic colours are available in a small range of colours you can email with your requirements before ordering, but if basecoat metallic or pearl coat colours are required for colour matching, please use the Mirrorbase Polyester basecoat spray paint mixed colour service.
We want to supply the correct colour so we need as much information as possible about the colour required this is because the more we know the more accurate the colour match will be. Having a colour which is very unique and no references are known, then you can send a colour sample in the post to the address below.
Data required

  • Make of Vehicle, Colour standard range for the colour you want.
  • The colour name.
  • The colour code.
  • Any special requirements.

Of course, you can always send us a colour sample this will get you an exact colour match with a computer so we can match any colour, we analyse the colour for you using the latest colour computer technology to supply you with an identical colour to your sample.

Samples need to be at least 25mm diameter and flat? please send to:
Oval Colour Centre
379 Penistone Road
S6 2FL.

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Technical Information

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